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Evidence-based radiography for person-centered care in cancer diagnostics

My research embraces a broad range of research projects on evidence-based radiography for person-centered care in cancer diagnostics. It focuses on the individual's perspective in health care and covers areas as follows: 1) person-centeredness and patient-reported outcomes in cancer screening and cancer care in radiography, 2) psychometric properties of measurements of patient-reported outcomes in cancer screening, and 3) evidence-based practice in radiography.

Implications for practice in health care: The individual's perspective on cancer screening is expected to support the development of evidence-based and tailored information about benefits and risks of cancer screening in order to promote an informed decision on (non-)participation. Such information would support a sound awareness of the potential effects of screening and respect autonomy of an individual.

Furthermore, the project results provide the individual's perspective on cancer screening programs. Awareness of the concept of person-centered care in diagnostic imaging is expected to provide tools for person-centeredness in cancer diagnostics and treatment follow-up.

Also, the project results are intended to strengthen the evidence-based practice among radiographers in patient care.


Implications for research: New cancer screening programs are being developed in Sweden, accordingly the individual's perspective on cancer screening should be studied. The concept of person-centered care of an individual in need of healthcare has recently been introduced but the concept is unknown in diagnostic imaging. Development of person-centered radiography is needed along with the evaluation of the effects of person-centeredness in diagnostic imaging.


Collaborations: Nordic Radiography Research Group; Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. PMhealth, Swedish national network for Psychometrics and Metrology in the health sciences. Research group Care in high technological environments, Department of Health Sciences, Lund University. Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study, SCAPIS. Department of Health Sciences, Umeå University.  SCROPT, Swedish Consortium of Research on OPT, Organised Prostate cancer Testing.